Hurricanes, God, and Idiot Preachers

The question pops up every time a tragedy happens.  It arises when bridges collapse and when hurricanes strike.  We ask it when tragic car accidents claim loved ones, when terrorists blow up the innocent, and when cancer strikes. Where is God when bad things happen?  If God is good, why is this happening? Unless you […]

College Football and the Offense of the Cross

I’m a rabid college football fan.  My life is marked by my undying (and sometimes irrational) allegiance to the Alabama Crimson Tide.  My love for my favorite team precludes me from cheering for anything or anyone related to Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, or pretty much any team sporting orange.  Some of you may think that my […]

Finding Wisdom in an age of Folly

I had a unique opportunity this week.  I spent time with a group of senior adults chaperoning a field trip.  Yes, chaperoning is the correct term to use here.  This bunch is a bit wild and crazy . . .  and I love it! We carpooled for about two and half hours to the Creation […]