Never look a trojan horse in the mouth

So maybe I’ve confused my metaphors here a bit, but as they say, “When the shoe fits, do as Romans do.” I think you’ll understand…. Unless your pastor specifically asks you to buy him a particular book, please, for the love of Tom Clancy, don’t buy him a book as a gift. One of two […]

Mayan Madness: preparing for the end of the world

I’m gearing up for the end of the world.  Evidently, it’s happening tomorrow.  Bummer. The ancient Mayans were fascinated with time.  They marked their days with three distinct calendars.  The Tzolk’in lasted 260 days and marked their religious ceremonies.  The Haab’ lasted 365 days, much the same as ours minus that pesky February 29.  But […]

A Christian Mother’s Perspective on Newtown

My wife is amazing.  She somehow manages to straddle the worlds of pediatrics and pastor’s wife.  She is a wonderful friend, a devoted mother, and a very good writer.  This morning, as she dropped our daughter off at school for the first time after the Newtown, CT shootings, she jotted down some thoughts.  Mostly a […]

What Duck Commander is really selling

Phil Robertson may not appreciate me writing about his business or his family.  I’m what Phil would derisively call a “yuppy.”  I don’t own camo, hunt, or have a beard.  That’s not to say I’m some granola PETA-type; I’m a devoted carnivore who loves gumbo, fried fish, and even the occasional boudin link.  Phil lives […]

Leave my leftovers alone: a tale of twisted priorities

I’ve never met Taz Miller, but I bet his grandma can really cook! Eighteen year old Taz recently attacked his roommate.  Taz allegedly stabbed him in the arm and leg before trying to strangle him.  What brought on this violent outburst?  Taz’s inconsiderate roommate ate his plate of Thanksgiving leftovers!  That must’ve been some seriously good […]

A children’s book that taught me about Christmas

Right now, this very instant, you should drop what you are doing, go to the local bookstore, library, or ebook distributor and secure your copy of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson.  I know that book reviews are not the normal M.O. for my blog, but this brief work has brought such great warmth and […]