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Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson may not appreciate me writing about his business or his family.  I’m what Phil would derisively call a “yuppy.”  I don’t own camo, hunt, or have a beard.  That’s not to say I’m some granola PETA-type; I’m a devoted carnivore who loves gumbo, fried fish, and even the occasional boudin link.  Phil lives off the land and, frankly, doesn’t think very highly of the lifestyle the rest of us non-outdoorsy types choose to live.  I dwell comfortably in the suburbs buying my groceries at Kroger where the butcher kindly dresses my meat.  In some ways, Phil and I have about as much in common as Snooki and the Pope, which is why it may seem odd that I have been sucked into Phil Robertson’s world via the uber-popular Duck Dynasty reality show.

Phil’s story fascinates me.

Decades ago, Phil kicked his wife and kids out of his house in a drunken rage.  Phil was more interested in partying and hunting than parenting.  About three months later, he came crawling back to his estranged wife, Miss Kay.  Phil desperately wanted his family back.  Willie Robertson, Phil’s son and CEO of Duck Commander, writes in his autobiography,

“Fortunately for all of us, Kay was strong enough to forgive Phil and take him back.  But she took him back with the following conditions:  Phil had to quit drinking and walk away from his rowdy friends.”

It was at this rebuilding point of Phil’s young life that other things began to change as well.  Willie writes, “From that day forward, Phil started his study of God’s Word.  He attended church several times a week and started going to Bible study nearly every night. He was baptized at the age of twenty-eight and gave up drinking and partying altogether.” Phil’s newfound faith wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan phase.  He continued to serve the Lord and grow in his faith.  Today, he frequently speaks to men’s groups about Jesus.  True to who he is, Phil wears camo to these speaking engagements.

Phil was blessed with, among other things, an entrepreneurial spirit and a vociferous work ethic.  Forty years ago, he invented a double reed duck call that he would self-market, self-produce, and grow into a multi-million dollar company known today as Duck Commander.  Despite his considerable success in the water fowl hunting industry, Phil and his family are probably better known as tv stars than the hunting world heroes they are.

Last week, 6.5 million Americans joined me as I tuned in to watch the antics of the Duck Dynasty cast.  That equates to the largest viewing audience ever on their host network, A&E!  Duck Dynasty has spawned a burgeoning industry of T-shirts, bobble heads, and other trinkets that are flying off the shelves of the West Monroe, Louisiana company’s shelves.  I’m a proud owner of Uncle Si myself!

Uncle SiDuck Dynasty has become a cultural phenomenon.  Phrases like “Happy! Happy! Happy!” and “Hey, Jack!” have become common vernacular.  We can’t wait to see what crazy stunt Willie is going to pull.  We eat it up when Uncle Si spins his own Vietnam-inspired philosophical maxims.  We love it when Kay and Phil act borderline inappropriately frisky.  My wife, even though she denies it, has a mini-crush on Jase and his dry wit.  Each episode unfolds new adventures of clean fun and insight into the slightly bizarre Louisiana culture that the Robertsons are so proud of.  (Note to producers:  We want more Mountain Man!)

No doubt, Duck Dynasty is at the pinnacle du jour of popular culture.  And I have a theory  as to why.

While I enjoy the zany antics of the cast as much as the next fellow, I believe they are not the primary reason for Duck Dynasty’s popularity.  I imagine that the hunting theme is also not that big of a deal to most viewers.  In fact, the show is really not about hunting at all.  I believe the big drawing card for Duck Dynasty is its emphasis on family.  Almost every episode has a “plot” that revolves around family relationships and the natural tension they create in life.  Whether it be sibling, marital, or parental, these relationships play out before our eyes where people act surprisingly decent and respectful.  I believe America is tired of the  “Jerry Springer-ization” that afternoon television has wrought upon us.  We are weary of pregnancy tests that tell who the baby’s daddy is and sisters that sleep with their brother-in-law.  Most families don’t need to turn on the t.v. to see dysfunction played out; it’s happening next door or maybe even down the hall in their own home.  We are exhausted from relationships gone awry, and Duck Dynasty is like some funny, bearded, camouflaged oasis that reminds us that family can work.  The cast remind us that we can resolve our differences without screaming and yelling.  We don’t have to have a revolving door of serial relationships in our lives that leave us emotionally spent and hollow on the inside.  Phil Robertson and his family remind us that family indeed can work.

What Phil would tell you is that family works best when people follow God’s design for it.   That means that, at least for the Robertsons, their faith in Jesus guides them on how they should structure their home life.  Though the show always ends with the Robertsons praying, their faith is downplayed by the producers.  A&E promotes Duck Dynasty with the tag line, “Money. Family. Ducks.”  At the newly-opened Duck Commander store, the word “money” has been scratched off of the posters.  “They give us these to pass out,” Al Robertson, the only Robertson without a beard, said of the posters.  “We ‘X’ out ‘money’ and write in ‘faith.’”  Faith is key in understanding the Robertson mentality and why their families work.

My hope is that Duck Dynasty is only beginning a meteoric rise on the cultural scene.  We need more messages like the one they present.  Numerous shows portray families in non-traditional ways, distorting God’s design.  Each of these sitcoms brings a level of acceptance to culture.  I’ve discovered that people who laugh through what is wrong very rarely slow down and think through what is right.  The Robertson clan gives a much-needed alternative.  The traditional family does work.  They are swimming against the current of culture in a sea of liberal media bias, but, miraculously enough, they are making it.

I imagine that as long as the Duck Dynasty series remains true to its family roots, its ratings will continue to soar.  I have to wonder, though.  Did Phil imagine that when he went crawling back to Miss Kay trying to restore his family, that his journey would lead down this path?  Could he have understood that he would one day have a rare platform to proclaim the benefit of family to culture where families are unraveling faster than a bullet from his favorite rifle?  I doubt he understood all of that back then, but I’m thankful for a bearded man and his family that model faith to a world desperately lacking examples.

It turns out that the most important product Duck Commander markets isn’t duck calls at all – it’s family values rooted in faith.

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I'm a pastor at the most wonderful church, Crossroads Baptist Church of Elizabethtown, KY. I am married to my best friend and am raising three great kids!

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  1. I cannot recall seeing (on TV) an expression of such values since watching Mr. Disney as he himself would narrate on the Walt Disney show; or hearing Red Skelton sign off each night in some goofy, miss-fitting wardrobe, with the words “May God Bless.” I do recall the lesson from an episode of the Andy Griffin Show where Aunt Bea and company made issue of someone’s shortcomings in an unconscious attempt to draw attention away from themselves and their own flaws. This behavior is a common practice today.

    What we seem to have forgotten is that it is not always what a person has done that promises to be what that person will do. Instead, these are the lessons that help make a better person, one that is often wiser, more compassionate and more caring. Nowhere on this earth is there a loving and caring grandfather or grandmother that was not once a teenage boy or girl, and then a parent trying to figure out how to raise a child. We make mistakes, and we learn from them.

    I am pleased that it seems we are on the edge of having come full-circle with such issues. I love that my grandchildren may finally find some moral guidance in the overly-influential media, an area that seems to have prided itself in the art of misguidance. I believe that “Duck Dynasty” will eventually have a much greater effect on the future of American than we can possibly see now. When that happens, I hope that their own producers will find the courage to give greater praise to values of Phil Robinson and his family, so that other producers will follow that lead.

    Norval Henderson

      1. Hear! Hear? LOL Yes, the nation needs as many good role models as we can find. A bearded, hunting, family man who loves the Lord is good enough for me. As I jokingly tell my friends – that I thought I was a city girl – when I was reminded that I was raised in the 50’s and 60’s in Pasadamngetdowndena, Texas!! (Known for Gilleys – geeeesh, we wish it had never happened.) I grew up with a lot of Phil’s without the beard, who turned to working in the Chemical Refineries to support their families. Every summer when school let out, my daddy took his vacation. We headed to my grandparents farm where he was expected to complete a list of major chores before we could return home to Texas. My grandmother had a cellar full of food better than any cruise or resort.

    1. Duck Dynasty is a breath of fresh air in our Christian home. I have two boys, ages 10 and 13, and we are all 3 Christians and trying to serve the Lord. That show is a God send. Love it! Your article is great!

    2. EXCEPT that Walt Disney was a militant and unrepentant atheist that injected his evil in his every work.

  2. You know they completely script this show, right?
    They have days where they do reads before every episode. I love how you put quotations around plot as if it was not planned, but in fact it is.
    The reason why people watch this is not because of the familial connection they feel, or that you think they crave. It is because people prefer to watch mindless television that takes them out of their lives, no matter how good or bad it may actually be for them. The 20 to 30 minutes of their memories being blanked out by mindless television draws so many so that they don’t have to deal with the issues currently plaguing their life.
    Also, the story behind the characters is made up. I don’t care if he went to god after being an awful human being. Leaving his wife and family only to come back to them three months later. This is despicable, and this sort of activity should be shunned.
    Good ideals can be taught without the “Word of God” behind them. Morally one should not be forcing themselves to do something because of what they might get out of it (Potentials for “Heaven”), but rather they should be doing good for themselves and for others who might not be able to do this for themselves. This shameless promotion of such an awful ideal is what is tearing this planet apart.

    1. Bahahahaha i can’t believe i wasted 3 minutes of my life reading your comment Geessshhhh

    2. I don’t think the writer is saying that we should look up to Phil should be a role model for leaving his wife and children. I do think he is trying to say that even when us sinners mess up, God is never too far away. We can all seek forgiveness and find our way home.

    3. Drew,

      In my post, I misspelled the man’s name, (Robinson instead of Robertson). I’m embarrassed that I did that and was embarrassed that I was unable to edit it, unable to make the correction. I made a mistake but I’ll not do that one again. I’d like to apologize to Phil for that.

      Most of us are able to learn from such mistakes and we often encouraging others not make the same mistakes. You refer to it as behavior that should be “shunned” and I agree. But mistakes are inevitable and the fact that people make them should be accepted and possibly forgiven. Not all of us are perfect and for that Drew, I’d like to apologize to you.

      I think it is admirable that there are still people who can admit to making a mistake. It seems that in your opinion, those who make mistakes must all be “despicable” and not worthy of your attention. I hope so for it would be nice that you learn from your own mistakes, that you keep your search for “mindless television” active, and that you might not stumbling on this program again. Eventually, you’ll find the Kardashians. You’ll be able to relate to them and to immerse your “mindless” self into their lives, not the lives of the Robertsons. This should help you to deal with the “issues plaguing (your own) life.”

      My guess is, the way for you to be noticed, for others to give some small amount of attention to what you have to offer, (as I am embarrassed to say that I have done), is either to type it in such areas as this, or to say it loud, really loud, which brings me to this: Have you ever noticed anyone listening to you and then asking someone else “What did he say?”

      I’m just a little curious Drew, but I really don’t want to know.

      Norval Henderson

      1. a great reply without losing your testimony and for that I give the praise where it’s due ..Thank you .We all should be glad too btw that God doesn’t throw the clay away. when we are not perfect he just reworks us rather than call us mindless ..unworthy or despicable .. I am Happy Happy Happy that God is who he says he is !!

    4. Drew in my humble opinion you missed the point by a mile maybe mile and a half..In no particular order: Heaven as you say is exactly what you claim the reasons for doing good is all about. Heaven is doing right for yourself, heaven is doing good for others because it is the good thing to do my friend there is nothing wrong about doing things to get to heaven because heaven is doing the right things. That is what life is all about. It is not up to you and or me to judge why you do something but it is up to you and me to try to do what is good which includes helping other to do good or experience goodness. Goodness isn’t an actual thing but an experience.You can give somebody a dollar and that might be goodness then that same person may turn around and help somebody out of the street and that is goodness. In the post above his returning to his family, giving up drinking or whatever took him away from those he loved and those who loved him was goodness His family accepting him back was goodness. the drink is not evil but used in the wrong way by the wrong person is….
      I guess what I am trying to say it doesn’t matter if the show is scripted or not the show has a lesson or lessons filled with goodness.Watch it enjoy it learn from it and if you it doesn’t matter who read what before hand.
      If you think about it what are actors I mean the real popular actors , the ones who can play a cop one day a drug dealer the next then a thief or a lover? They are liars, good liars. That is what the word actor means. A good actor is a good liar, he or she can make you believe they are what they pretend to be by saying stuff others wrote for them.( Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to imply they are no good, low down. scum type people) I sad that to say this, The duck guys as I like to call them are pretty much themselves. They are themselves or play themselves and that is pretty much it. OK enough from me you either understand this or not.. Not too many people remember the 45 record with the song, THE TALE OF DICKIE DRAGON, but it was a song/story of a dragon with a tale that was so long it reach into space.. Near the end the song it said,. the long and short of it is true and if you should doubt what this song is all about I feel sorry for you.. The story/song was not about a dragon but rather it was about imagination.
      The duck dynasty story isn’t about duck calls or hunting or even beards it’s about goodness. Sorry to upset some but God is goodness as is heaven. One thing this world and this country is lacking is goodness in all it;s forms.

    5. Drew,

      The family featured on Duck Dynasty are, I believe, evangelical Christians. We believe, as the Bible says, that all men and women are sinners. Romans 3:23 says that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s standards for us (that’s a paraphrase).

      If you read the New Testament, you will find that it is mostly written by a man named Paul. Paul first appears in the book of Acts by the name of Saul. He is known for his zealous persecution of Christians. Then he has an encounter with Jesus. His life changes dramatically. Instead of persecuting Christians, he is being persecuted for being a Christian.

      The point is, evangelical Christians believe that we are all sinners on our way to hell. Nothing we do can get us off this path, but God sent His son to die for us. Jesus became the bridge between us and God. No matter what we have done wrong, Jesus’ blood can cover it.

      I Corinthians 5:17 says that once we have accepted Christ as our Savior, we have become a new creature (again paraphrasing). That’s what happened to Phil. By sharing Phil’s story, we are not praising the fact that he left his family. We are praising the fact that, through God, he has become a new creature.

    6. what’s your point…there is so much wrong with your comments..can’t deal with it tonight!!!

      1. Try God…then u will understand…u cannot work your way to heaven, you can only get there by believing in Jesus, Gods only Son and dousing your best to follow his teachings.

    7. What is tearing this planet apart is not God fearing Christians who live off of faith love and God’s mercy. It’s the atheists who want to liberate everything.

      1. I think that self-proclaimed Christians that aren’t God fearing are what’s tearing this country about. What’s wrong with liberty?

    8. Humm I am curious Drew , by what authority do you know for a fact that this program is scripted ? I believe that if in fact you do due diligence, you will find that your “blanket” statement is inaccurate. Nonetheless, your view of the reconciliation between Miss Kaye and Phil holds great value. I presume that you have and maintain a model life with no failures…correct?

      1. It’s well documented that the show is scripted. Characters bring their own personalities, but their “adventures” are planned by the producers. The episodes often have several reasons and scene retakes till make sure the best response or reaction is caught by the cameras. Their message is still what’s important.

    9. You are whats wrong with this country people aren’t nice and do things for others because they’re trying to get to heaven some people do have a heart believe it or not the story is not fake or made up it is real I knew about this family long before they had a tv show although the show is staged it is not scripted it is about real events in the families lives watch the show don’t watch it no one will care either way but don’t go around talking down on others beliefs this country was founded on freedom of religion so that people can believe however they want no one is telling you that you are wrong and your beliefs are ridiculous which brings me back to my opening statement people like you are whats wrong with this country

      1. You are a fool. In the same breath you say that no one is telling him he is wrong or ridiculous yet follow that with “you are what’s wrong”. Hypocrite.

    10. I find it rather curious Drew,that you have used words like “mindless”,”plaguing”,”awful”,”despicable”,”shunned”&”shameless”!Those are the exact words that I woud use to describe your post!Also,Getting behind “The Word Of God”IS a good ideal!!!! And speaking of “Issues”,sounds like you might have a few! I doubt very seriously if you know anything about Scripted TV,but if “Duck Dynesty”is Scripted,I sure hope they put a lot more shows like it on TV!!!!

      1. Reality TV continues to make lots of money for networks, despite the fact that many shows now portray what the industry calls “scripted reality.”

        That’s how the Robertson Family, made famous by A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” describes their show. Producers give them a scenario (scripted) and members of the family carry it out using their God-given personalities and perspectives (reality).

    11. (SCRIPTED)….I am pretty sure that “all” TV shows are scripted…..or it would be such a mess that you couldn’t make heads or tails out of it….But I do believe on this show, that the scripted format is based upon their family ventures……
      (FORGIVENESS)…we are all sinners, and do wrong things everyday, no matter how much of a christian we are….but what we have to do is turn to God and ask for his forgiveness…and that is what Phil did. So I admire him for the courage and faith that he has found because of the sin that he did…Our God is a loving, caring, and yes “forgiving” God.
      (FORCING OURSELVES)….I do not believe that the Robertson family or any other Christian “forces” themselves to do things to get in heaven…I , myself “WANT” to do things that I know is in God’s favor, because….YES I want to go to heaven when I die, and be in God’s presence….
      (TEARING THIS PLANET APART) I hate to be the one to tell you this, but believing in God, and trying to live a Christian life is NOT tearing this planet apart….
      ”””READ YOUR BIBLE””” you need to learn about topics before you try to explain the reasons behind them.

      Just saying…………………………….

    12. idiot people make mistakes that is life duck dynasty is an awesome and very funny show I think someone is a lil jealous

    13. Hey Drew, if you have never sinned, then pick up the first stone and give it a toss….I didn’t think so bud…..

    14. Then practice what you preach. Wheres some of that “good” your talking about ? You must be so perfect, you pretend like you have all the answers to why they are successful.Your ramblings sound like jealousy to me. And really, Shunned ? What are you, Amish ? Then what are you doing online ?

    15. It’s as simple as, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. You’re obvious lack of faith, forgiveness and honor explains your angry, closed mind point of view. Which you are completely entitled to.
      I just never understand why there is always someone like you who has to try to put down other people and ruin something that other people are enjoying. What about all that “Morally one should not be forcing themselves to do something because of what they might get out of it (Potentials for “Heaven”), but rather they should be doing good for themselves and for others who might not be able to do this for themselves.”

    16. What you need is the forgiveness of your sins and a heart filled with the love of Jesus!! I thought about telling you what kind of jerk you are, BUT then I remembered to be Christ like I had to show you love..So I will pray that you find Jesus before it is to late for you

    17. Thank you! Reality tv is NOT REAL!!! Just watch the camera angles and editting. Its all scripted. It kills me how if someone claims t o be a christian the entire christian world believes whatever they say or do and they throw money at these people. They CHARGE BIG BUCKS to speak at conferences and they insist on a private plane to flly them back and forth. They only care about milking their christian fans for as long as they can. They are no better than the Kardashians. Money hungry.

    18. Drew, you’re going to have to explain where your “good ideals” come from without a reliance on the Word of God. Outside of God’s Word there are no positive moral guidelines because ‘morality’, as commonly accepted, is entirely dependent on God’s standards, the 10 commandments, etc. Man’s natural standards are in direct opposition to them. Without God and His standards, man is not naturally ‘moral’ by any definition. And who says anyone is “forcing themselves to do something because of what they might get out of it”? That may be true for some, but it might shock you to know that there are millions of people on this planet who do things because they are pleasing to God; out of love and gratitude for everything God has already done for them; not seeking a personal reward for doing so. And by doing them they are also helping others who may not be able to do for themselves. God is able to change people’s hearts, transform their lives, and rebuild families and relationships. The Robertson family, while far from perfect, are a very visible example of what God can do in the lives of those who are willing to surrender their lives to Him.

    19. You sir are what we call a party pooper! LMAO! You must lead a very miserable life! That show makes people laugh and smile, when YOU responded it made me sad……the smile left my face! I say keep your misery to yourself! Jesus doesn’t like mean people!

    20. Your socialists views is what is wrong with America. Yes this show is about God and family. This is the reason this is the only reality show like this that I watch. I refuse to watch twits and drunken rages on a shore. I am sorry that you do not understand the show, but we will be ok without you watching.

    21. LMAO, Drew, your a TROLL and Norval’s response was perfect….Ummm, there is your moment of attention from me, I’ll give you a few more in my prayers this morning! Now, is it all better? 🙂

    22. all this family is trying to do is spread the message of love, honesty, respect, and wisdom to millions of people across America I respect your opinion but please do not try to be critical as possible this show can bring people closer to there family, god, whatever is needed and is still funny. and also scripted really?? maybe some things are scripted just to make a joke here or there but not much at all, even if it was when a priest delivers a life changing ministry to a church do you not think this has been scripted beforehand?? I believe all this show is trying to do is deliver a message of how to live life to the fullest without doing it in a way that goes against the commandments of god. this show is not tearing the planet apart but bringing us together please don’t try to ruin it for everyone else

    23. Wow! Unbelievably ignorant. Ever hear the saying “it’s better to remain silent and appear to be ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”? So its all mindless tv but there just happens to be way more people who accidentally end up on the same off the wall cable channel because they really don’t care about family and faith. I see! You are an idiot!

    24. I agree with your stance on morals. I will say that I watched and laughed at this show until Phil Robertson called a little girl fat while selling boudin (spelling?) from a truck. Kids, especially little girls, are so sensitive. If that’s a god fearing moral man, then no thanks.

    25. If your putting quotations around “Heaven” then you have a lot more to worry about then the content of this article.

  3. I am THRILLED we have a show that shows positive family interactions and values and morals. I love the dinner table! I grew up watching The Waltons and I am happy we have a show to watch that is worthwhile of our time.

    1. Teresa I agree it’s good to watch a show values and morals. we need more shows
      like this.

  4. the only thing that bothers me is they preach family values, love of country, and love of god but everything they sell except their duck calls is made in some third world country..

    1. Unfortunately many American companies will not contract for various products. We as a nation have out-priced ourselves and therefore, specific goods are outsourced so as to be made available. I have been in purchasing and have experienced this firsthand !

  5. LOVE this article. Good writing and I love Duck Dynasty because of all you pointed out. thanks

  6. Drew is an idiot and doesn’t get anything. Phil repented and changed his life . His show doesn’t allow him to mention God or Jesus but it does allow him to show his faith. Now if he wanted to praise Allah or Muhammad A and E would probably have no problem with that. Anyway, I love this show and one reason is because they do have morals and mention their faith when allowed to do so.

    1. I believe that Phil does mention “God”or”Lord”&”Jesus”on the show.If I’m not mistaken,he says”Thank you Lord for another day on planet earth.”Then,he ends his prayer saying,”In Jesus name we pray.”Amen.But,I could be mistaken.Unlike Drew,I’m not perfect & I do make mistakes.Let’s all watch on Wednesday night to find out!!!!

  7. Drew,
    CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! Better yet, mindlessly surf the web and find others to attack,so that you don’t have to face your own issues. God Bless you! With God, comes the promise of peace, comfort, love, hope and FORGIVENESS. Try it sometime and you may find yourself….HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!

  8. Rob’s views on what Duck Commander is really selling reminds me of why my generation watched the Waltons.

  9. This is a great show! If you don’t like anything about it then don’t watch it!!

  10. I love Duck Dynasty and the fact that they set a great example of Christian love. I am pleased that my 9 yr, old twins have a show that they can watch and I don’t have to worry about anyone swearing or beeps in the show, My children can see a family eat together and praying together, This country needs more shows like this, We watched the Waltons and Hee Haw growing up and there wasn’t anything wrong with that, Thank you God for the Robinson family, I feel like I am part of their family each week too,

  11. Actually I would be disappointed if it were not in fact “Scripted”: to think you would start out and just film with no direction nor planned message would be foolish. The last thing a well learned “Christian” would do at the direction of God’s Word is NOT have a plan nor direction. However, I personally believe that the shows are modeled after events and happenings in the Robertson families lives. Nice post Drew as it worked to illicit great, well thought out comments from sincere people who watch a show and digest it rather than mindlessly let it infiltrate their spirit to their own demise.

    1. To add: “such as other show that have no moral nor cultural benefit.” I could give you a list as long as the “direct TV guide” but it would only serve to get us off track.

  12. The one thing that is important about Duck Dynasty is it makes us “Happy,Happy and Comfortable”. We are able to relax and enjoy a moment or two of peace and simplicity……..

  13. I was pleased to hear in one of Phil’s prayers that he thanked God for the “Hope we have in Jesus”

  14. Wonderful write-up. I think you hit it right on the head. I am thoroughly tired of the trash on TV. I never was much of a “reality TV” fan and I’m even less now. They [other reality programs] portray the “skank-ization of America” everywhere you turn. I didn’t tune in until the 3rd season, but I was a fast fan. They are good people, it’s entertaining, and I think it’s where TV programming should be headed, not down the toilet like it currently is.

  15. I love the show. They do not belong to an evangelical Christian church. They are Church of Christ, which teaches baptismal regeneration. I am not bashing, just answering a question. Phil’s testimony sounds like he believes Jesus is the only way to heaven, without a drop of water. I really hope that to be so. I watch and love the show because it is clean and teaches moral lessons. It is down-to-earth and funny. Drew must have got in the wrong bottle of medicine.

    1. Gerald, You are so right. They are Godly, honest, down to earth people. Their Faith is strong and they do so much for the area they live in. They are friends and neighbors to everyone . My Grandson to be told me the other day that Duck Dynasty was his favorite show because they love God and hunting. He is eight years old and I had a friend show the text to Mrs. Kaye that I sent her telling the story of my conversation with this Child .She had a tear in her eye as she read the text. Why is it so simple when you are 8 and as adults we seem to make it hard. Maybe we should just enjoy and Thank God for bring us such a good show when we need him so much.

  16. I will tell you what is destroying America. Where are these Duck Call’s, Tee shirts, Hats, pins being made. Maybe In China !! Phil wants his grandkids to stop playing video games made in Japan. While his Duck Call’s are being made by 12 year old children in a Communists Country. I’m a Christian and believe in God and Jesus. we pray with our children every night but stop and think about the big picture. I make guitar’s and not for one minute would I think about having the very thing I made be massed produced in any Country other that the United States. I’m am a Veteran of 21 years. The thought of Phil hand making every duck call then letting his children take it to China for mass production it make me sad. Then when Willie where’s that Chinese made American flag bandana inferring that he’s a true American make me sick. This is the American Dream sell out to another Country. I think what if all Duck Commander product were made in America. I’m in the business and I know who are the sell outs for the ol mighty dollar. I have several employee’s that I personally take care of. They believe in America and enjoy making American products. I create Jobs. Believing in God is my choice and “God is Good”.but thinking about what is to come for all of our children is saddening. Manufacturing jobs are being lost by the thousands. Cockroaches will someday say we got our’s you should have gotten yours. Its your legacy not the money you will leave behind. Teaching your kid’s how to fish and hunt is great. Also you need to tell them that I made this with my bare hands but I sold out and our money came from the backs of 12 year old Chinese’s kid. Can’t do that !! Donating or giving back is a way for millionaires to make themselves feel better. For the damage they caused to our Country. So make things in our Country and sell them to other Country’s that’s what we need to teach our children. By the way having parts made in China then assembling them here doesn’t make them American made.

    1. They don’t make any of their products in China. I hope you feel stupid :-). Also, the computer you typed that on was made in China by a 12 year old. How dare you support such ideals!

    2. Are you an American, or a Christian ? You see God made all of us not just Americans so you ranting over you being a Christian and then hating on everybody that’s not. pretty much proves that You My Friend are a confused individual

    3. Are you an American, or a Christian ? You see God made all of us not just Americans so you ranting over you being a Christian and then hating on everybody that’s not. pretty much proves that You My Friend are a confused individual, oh and by the way I am a White American Christian Jesus Loving Faith Speaking Man of God.

  17. Drew, seemed to get more attention than the article did…lol but that is exactly what the devil had in mind when drew posted his comment. it took the emphasis off of God and put it on the hate for Drew and his comments. The same as when we focus on worldly unGodly things it takes the focus off of God so that you lose your peace and now you have taken the offense that was never yours in the first place. This was an awesome insight to duck dynasty thank you for your post it was a very enjoyable read. Jesus is Lord

  18. I appreciate the cleanliness,(funny) of a real show that shows values and understanding of real life not the fake actors of California or people with other life shows. Thank you to the Robinsons for standing up for real life fun and true life. We don’t have to see the life of others living a horrific life. Where are the true honorable people, hot shown, but its great to see finally some true people standing up for right and for God, who created us all and gave us a choice of how to live. Something I can really watch and turn off trashy shows I had already started only watching,hallmark, just clean honorable, pleasing shows. Thanks again.

  19. Enjoyed your commentary. Enjoy Duck Dynasty. My wife, at first, disliked it. Now, she is laughing out loud at it – and as Christians – we both enjoy the spiritual emphasis and family-centric message. Beyond that – it reminds me of my northern Minnesota backwoods family (they never hunted – just carried their guns wherever they went and shot game when they saw it) – though you could hardly get further away, geographically – and still be in the lower 48.

  20. I loved reading this and I think it’s true– we need more positive, creative messages about family and we are sick of being degraded. There is, however, a lot of stereotyping in this show. Yet I’d like to see more tv like this about other families and their cultural/ religious focus, and how they make it work.

  21. I just found this article on facebook. I am a faithful “Duck Dynasty” viewer. My husband, an avid hunter, has been watching the Robertson men for years! They have a show called Duck Commander, just incase you nonbelievers think that they just fell into luck by getting a reality show on A&E. I love this family, their story and their beliefs. They are a breath of fresh air not to mention quite entertaining! This article was awesome! Very well written and enjoyable to read. Thank you. And to those of you in the “brotherhood”, please keep watching along with my family!

  22. Drew since you took such a bashing in all the comments. Do not fear son you can still REPENT

  23. Mountain Man is so humble that his life is probably more exciting than others. I really would love to see him more. He seems like a great grandfather figure. Something that a lot of people wish for 🙂 Go Mountain Man :D!!!!!!!

  24. I’ll watch Duck Dynasty when they give equal value to Muslims, atheists, and ducks. Ducks, atheists and Muslims have families too, and their families may be just as loving as a Christian family.

  25. I like Duck Dynasty, but it is growing old. As far as all the merchandise it is really junk. Cheap plastic made everywhere except the US.

    1. I think they are so over-exposed right now that the shelf life on their show and products is going to potentially come to a very abrupt end. I still appreciate their family values.

  26. Time1865, that TV you have made in China has a channel selector.
    robsumrall, A & E disagrees. They are signed for “several” seasons and our store was full of people the last several days. Neither the show, the popularity of the cast, or the product sales has peaked yet. Sure, nothing lasts forever but counting them out now is like calling the winner of the Superbowl at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

    1. I’m thrilled at the popularity, Royce. Their message of faith and family is one we desperately need. The larger their platform, the louder their message. I’m not “wishing” for their demise. I just felt like their exposure level is probably at its zenith. I could be wrong. Nobody would be happier about that than me.

  27. Wow, it is a tv show. Funny and likeable people, with good “scripted” or “unscripted” values. Every family has issues of some sort. In a hopefully semi-perfect world, family members forgive each other and come out stronger for the experiences they have endured. I would rather my grandchildren watch this tv show, than have to help explain what they just saw on another tv show that shouldn’t be on TV. I can turn my tv to this show with them in the room for us to watch and not worry. The days of “I love Lucy”, “the Waltons”, “Dick Van Dyke” and others I grew up watching are long gone. We need more shows like this.

  28. I am not a Christian nor practice a faith, but I love Duck Dynasty…why? For all the reasons you state…I am sick of candy coated hollywooded trashy clones…this show lifts my spirit!

  29. Garbage show! GARBAGE SHOW!!! They’re just puppets for Wal-mart at this point. I’m not religious, but I’m pretty sure that flaunting your obscene wealth, buying countless amounts of material junk, spoiling they ever-loving hell out of your kids isn’t exactly”paraphrasing” the Bible.
    see: Matthew 6:24, Hebrews 13:5, Proverbs 11:28.

    Stop with this “reality TV” show trend. Your children are not learning from this bologna. Watch some news, PBS, read a book, or even INTERACT with them, lest they become mindless TV junkies. Stop being fooled.

    Think I’m wrong…..cameron.n.block@gmail.com, tell me your side of the argument; my mind is open.

  30. Using your Faith for bright lights and fame and money. It is deeply disappointing that these people represent themselves as Christians and that so many people are sucked into supporting their need to plaster themselves all over the tv and stores, selling cheap plastic crap. I’d also like to know where in the Bible it says that black people were happier and more Godly under the yoke of segregation. Since when is it Christian to enthusiastically endorse the statements of people who have no idea why the Civil Rights movement came about. For Shame.

    1. Yes…or think the reason that Mama Duck is a model wife/mother/grandma is because she married Papa Duck at the age of 15 (rather than becoming a worthless 20 year old spinster–that’s how Granny Clampett saw Elly Mae). Or slobber over Donald Trump because like them, he puts on an ostentatious display of “Christianity” for the TV camera that stupid people like the Pastor here consider piety.

  31. I love this show and like many others Si is my favorite (without him there is no show).

    Phil has deep seated anger towards women and it shows each time he belittles his wife (calling her plump is not better than saying hey fat ass) and his daughter in laws (yuppies, isn’t better than saying stupid women that can’t skin a coon) and his granddaughters ignorant. That the family has accepted that this Phil is better than a drunk is what helps them keep the family together. Their extreme patience with him and attempt to let him feel important by appearing helpless unless he comes to the rescue is admirable on their part and shows they know how to be kind to their fellow man.
    Seriously Phil would you make these nasty condescending comments about your family if God was sitting by your side? To let someone this nasty preach to a congregation is the sin here. Would anyone really want their sons to emulate Phil’s passive aggressive condescending behavior, I think not. I keep reading articles where Phil says he would never disrespect anyone so obviously he has NO self awareness and no one has the balls to tell him otherwise.

    If I were his sons wives I would not let my children around him without supervision and it wouldn’t be just Kaye supervising because you can see she tries to protect the grandchildren from him but is powerless to stop his nasty comments.

    Kaye is the true hero in this story and it is through her influence that the boys are the spectacular gentlemen that they are and some of the best husbands I have ever had the pleasure to witness interacting with their wives.

    and yes I will confess that except for his smart mouth (he got that from Phil unfortunately) Jase is hard not to have a crush on. . .

    1. Have you ever met these people. They are kind and truly religious. Ms. Kaye is adorable and devoted to her family. So if you know them and voice this opinion then that is your right to say this. But if you are assuming these things and voicing then shame on you for judging. I sat beside her a few weeks back watching the season preview and I see none of what you say. God Bless !

  32. If that was the first show you ever watched then keep watching, you’ll soon see Phil has a pattern of making nasty snide comments about everyone in his family. I never said Kaye wasn’t adorable and devoted to her family, I said she is the true hero and her sons are the wonderful men they are due to her influence. On the other hand you can always count on Phil to make catty remarks about his family and humans in general. If you are looking for something nice or constructive to come out of his mouth you will be waiting a long time. What does truly religious mean to you? It certainly is not putting down others because they are not like you which is what Phil does. Would God find it funny when Phil makes nasty comments to his sons about their wives and children. If you can find one nice thing that Phil says about anyone or anything please share it, because it would be nice to know he isn’t always a mean cantankerous old buzzard.

  33. I believe I have seen every show. I record so I don’t miss it. As I sat beside Ms. Kaye she laughed and told us that it is edited to get the picture the network and the family approves of. Feel better and get your Joy because they are good people. Phil is a quite man of deep conviction. I have been several times to the Church they attend and when you leave you feel so good. It’s all about Faith and love. Hope your day is filled with both.

  34. ok yes the show is scripted now…but when it was called Duckmen on youtube it was not and they acted the same so while what you see happening to them on screen is made up the way they act is not!!!!

  35. and the way it looks Crystal is not a true southern she can’t be because if she was the word Plump Phil uses is a term of endearment towards Mill Kaye and Yuppie is a country term for saying citified or tender footed not says ignorant means they only see one side usually their own I hope this country boy summed up what Phil is talking about.

  36. and the way it looks Crystal is not a true southern she can’t be because if she was the word Plump Phil uses is a term of endearment towards Miss Kaye and Yuppie is a country term for saying citified or tender footed now saying ignorant means they only see one side usually their own I hope this country boy summed up what Phil is talking about.

  37. I suppose it allows people to figure out my age, but I remember when a cowboy star kept up a very proper public lifestyle. Some may not at all have been what they tried to imply that they were but it was kept out of public view. If our movie and television “hero’s” would get back to that type of public exposure, I think our world might also revert to some sanity. Most of the public displays of the current list are so shameful, who really wants to watch them. Thank you Phill and family for beginning to show the way back to where we all belong.

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