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  1. I simply love this show for its family values and tha laughter it produces. I was talkin to a friend earlier about tha different characters n I told her while I enjoyed them n their antics, I really loved tha end whar they sit together as a family n ask grace over God’s bounty. It is by far tha most wholesome show on TV today n takes me back ta ma roots. God bless em all !

  2. The show keeps me alive, i have probably watched every rerun 3times and would watch another 3,SI’S humor, and phil’s knowledge,Will’s trying to use authority, lol little does him,Jas’s, cool and calm.ability to make things even funnier, and the poor girls, are such city gals, the kids, seem to be very well mannered,the other guys just go along with jas and all hus antics, and.last but far from least MSS KAY,I would love to be her fir just one week, she is not only sweet,demanding & very beautiful woman,but a loving and devoted wife,mother,grandmother,& . Mother-in-law, but all of us as i speak for the country. WE JUST LOVE EM ALL, and last,everyone christian. Or not appreciate,the PRAYERS LED BY PHIL. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, MR & MRS JERRY &DEE NEWMAN,FROM BRISTOW,OKLAHOMA

  3. I love Duck Dynasty! I look forward to it being on at my house Wednesday and Sunday. Dont frankly care about what everybody elses view is all about .. when it comes down to it….WHEN I GET TO HEAVEN I WILL BE QUESTIONED ABOUT WHAT I DID NOT DO AND WHAT I DID DO…NOT WHAT SOMEONE ELSE DID OR DID NOT DO! Everyone of us has a past some not too pretty either!!! CHECK YOUR SELF there is tooo much bickering in the world.. if you like whats on please watch DD if you dont please change someting.. GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME,. GOD IS GOOD!

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