The World’s first Viral Obituary

I never met Harry Weathersby Stamps. But I think I would have liked to. Harry Stamps of Long Beach Mississippi died on March 9.  His daughter, Amanda Stamps Lewis, penned a unique and loving tribute to her father as she travelled from her home in Dallas to Long Beach, Mississippi.  She highlighted the quirky and […]

The AAP, Gay Marriage, and the Gospel

For those who don’t know, my wife is a pediatrician.  She and I met during our college years.  We co-endured medical school, residency, and all of the hardships that come with training for that profession.  She is the best doctor I know today.  She is insanely intelligent and possesses an incredible bedside manner.  She is […]

What frustrates me about The Bible (Not that one… The one on the History Channel)

What a week!  Swarms of locusts have invaded Egypt.  AIDS was cured in a newborn in Mississippi.  Dennis Rodman served as an impromptu ambassador to North Korea.  And I’m frustrated by The Bible.  No, not the Holy Bible…  The Bible on the History Channel. Mark Burnett, pioneer of reality television and producer of hits such […]

Philippines Mission Trip Wrap Up: Things Mission Trips Teach Me

My feet have been on American soil for about 48 hours now.  I’ve watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey, snuggled with my kids, and slept a lot.  The fog of jet lag is finally beginning to lift; I can feel my body slowly beginning to return to normal.  But there are things about me […]