I don’t have the best job on the planet?!?!

[I read a fabulous blog this week about jobs. William Thornton truly inspired me! Please go read it! What I’m about to write borders on plagiarism from his fantastic post.] CareerCast.com released their latest job rankings. Evidently, the outlook for clergy is less than brilliant. We rank #110 in the nation. And here I was, […]

The Most Important Court Case of Our Times and Why You Haven’t Heard of It

You’ve probably never even heard the name Kermit Gosnell.  And that alarms me! The public ignorance over this man and the media’s refusal to share his story is almost as disgustingly horrific as the things for which he is being tried. I want to share some of the story of this doctor and his legal problems. […]

America’s Newest Enemy: Christians???

I am an evangelical Christian. And evidently, I’m a threat to national security. In a recent briefing of an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania, a U.S. Army instructor listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism.  In fact, Evangelical Christianity was on the top of the list. The list of religious extremists […]