Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Bringing love to the hurting in Oklahoma

I watched with sadness and horror this week as an unbelievable tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma. The twister destroyed or damaged 13,000 homes. It touched down at 2:56pm, 16 minutes after the National Weather Service put out a warning, and remained on the ground for 40 minutes. It was more than a mile wide and pummelled […]

“It’s just chopped ham!”

I sat across the lunch table with my friend, John Shoemake. Our conversation had denigrated to his love for Spam. Call me spoiled, sissy, or whatever, but it is a personal goal of mine never to eat any meat that could survive a nuclear holocaust. In defense of his laughable canned meat affection, John made […]

Plugged or Unplugged? Giving up the internet

Paul Miller may be one of the bravest men I know. I had not heard of Paul before this week.  A writer for the on-line magazine,, Paul dared to do something that has often tempted me.  He gave up the internet.  For a whole year.  A whole year, people! I know!  How did he […]