The Matt Pitt Saga: what happens when there is no accountability

Matt Pitt was a troubled young man. Consider his own testimony: I was a problem child in Birmingham, Alabama. I was in and out of a lot of the schools there. I was just real hyperactive. By the time I was a senior, I got involved running with some guys that were really strong into […]

Oldest Man Alive??? Then what?

July 16, 1890 – That’s the date that legal documents show that Carmelo Flores Laura was born.  Let me save you the effort of opening up your calculator app.  That means he just turned 123 years old last month.  123! Laura , a native Aymara from Bolivia, lives in an isolated hamlet near Lake Titicaca. […]

What’s in a name? Meet Baby Messiah DeShawn McCullough

By all accounts, Jaleesa Martin’s baby boy is a happy child, oblivious to the controversy surrounding him these days. Jaleesa recently found herself at odds with her son’s father.  She sought a court order to establish paternity.  It included a request for the judge to determine the child’s last name. Enter Tennessee Child Support Magistrate […]