Heroes You Should Know: John Knox

Knox was a faithful preacher until the end of his brief life. Because of his unwavering preaching, Queen Mary of Scots considered him “the most dangerous man in all her realm.”

Seven Surefire Ways to Ruin Your Church Experience

Most people want to have a positive worship experience. But if you secretly want to ruin your church experience, here are seven surefire ways to do it.

A Pastor’s Perspective on Pastor Appreciation Month

October is generally recognized as Pastor Appreciation Month.  At least, that’s the impression I got while visiting the local Christian book store.  They seemed to be capitalizing on a lot of “I love my pastor” junk marked at premium prices. (Smart shoppers will stock up in November for next year!) Don’t misunderstand me.  Pastors love that […]

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Bringing love to the hurting in Oklahoma

I watched with sadness and horror this week as an unbelievable tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma. The twister destroyed or damaged 13,000 homes. It touched down at 2:56pm, 16 minutes after the National Weather Service put out a warning, and remained on the ground for 40 minutes. It was more than a mile wide and pummelled […]

“It’s just chopped ham!”

I sat across the lunch table with my friend, John Shoemake. Our conversation had denigrated to his love for Spam. Call me spoiled, sissy, or whatever, but it is a personal goal of mine never to eat any meat that could survive a nuclear holocaust. In defense of his laughable canned meat affection, John made […]