I don’t have the best job on the planet?!?!

[I read a fabulous blog this week about jobs. William Thornton truly inspired me! Please go read it! What I’m about to write borders on plagiarism from his fantastic post.] CareerCast.com released their latest job rankings. Evidently, the outlook for clergy is less than brilliant. We rank #110 in the nation. And here I was, […]

Happy Meteor Friday Everybody!

Jaime Nomen is a dental surgeon by day and an amateur astronomer by night.  A year ago he discovered a meteor known as 2012 DA14.  Some time today, 2012 DA14 will brush past the earth’s orbit, narrowly missing us and the opportuitiy to wreak some 2012-type cataclysmic event. Seriously people – if something big enough […]

Never look a trojan horse in the mouth

So maybe I’ve confused my metaphors here a bit, but as they say, “When the shoe fits, do as Romans do.” I think you’ll understand…. Unless your pastor specifically asks you to buy him a particular book, please, for the love of Tom Clancy, don’t buy him a book as a gift. One of two […]