Five Inescapable Truths that Missions Teach Us (Part Two)

I was sick and tired of eye glasses.  We had lugged about 5,000 pairs of glasses half-way around the world.  In case you are wondering, that is more than 350 pounds of glasses – sorted, packed, and catalogued.  Glasses.  Glasses.  Glasses.  All sorts of glasses.  Ugly glasses.  Really ugly glasses.  Really, really ugly glasses.  Glasses […]

Five Inescapable Truths that Missions Teach Us (Part One)

I am freshly back from an unbelievable mission experience.  I had the privilege of journeying as part of a team of eleven short-term missionaries from Kentucky.  We went to the Philippines to serve the people of the greater Paniqui area in the province of Tarlac.  As always happens on these trips, I return with a […]

Oldest Man Alive??? Then what?

July 16, 1890 – That’s the date that legal documents show that Carmelo Flores Laura was born.  Let me save you the effort of opening up your calculator app.  That means he just turned 123 years old last month.  123! Laura , a native Aymara from Bolivia, lives in an isolated hamlet near Lake Titicaca. […]

[Disgraced] Paula Deen, the Gospel, and Race

Life can change in an instant.  Just ask Paula Deen. Just a couple of weeks ago, Savannah, Georgia’s favorite daughter was probably cooking up some buttery treat.  Today, she is the butt of a cultural backlash.  Deen admitted in a court deposition that she used some offensive words to refer to people of another race.  Now […]

Plugged or Unplugged? Giving up the internet

Paul Miller may be one of the bravest men I know. I had not heard of Paul before this week.  A writer for the on-line magazine,, Paul dared to do something that has often tempted me.  He gave up the internet.  For a whole year.  A whole year, people! I know!  How did he […]

The AAP, Gay Marriage, and the Gospel

For those who don’t know, my wife is a pediatrician.  She and I met during our college years.  We co-endured medical school, residency, and all of the hardships that come with training for that profession.  She is the best doctor I know today.  She is insanely intelligent and possesses an incredible bedside manner.  She is […]

A children’s book that taught me about Christmas

Right now, this very instant, you should drop what you are doing, go to the local bookstore, library, or ebook distributor and secure your copy of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson.  I know that book reviews are not the normal M.O. for my blog, but this brief work has brought such great warmth and […]