A Pastor’s Perspective on Pastor Appreciation Month

October is generally recognized as Pastor Appreciation Month.  At least, that’s the impression I got while visiting the local Christian book store.  They seemed to be capitalizing on a lot of “I love my pastor” junk marked at premium prices. (Smart shoppers will stock up in November for next year!) Don’t misunderstand me.  Pastors love that […]

I don’t have the best job on the planet?!?!

[I read a fabulous blog this week about jobs. William Thornton truly inspired me! Please go read it! What I’m about to write borders on plagiarism from his fantastic post.] CareerCast.com released their latest job rankings. Evidently, the outlook for clergy is less than brilliant. We rank #110 in the nation. And here I was, […]

The Anatomy of a Short Term Mission Trip (Philippines Mission Report #5)

I want to try to help people better understand what goes into a well-executed short-term mission trip.  Sometimes people think teams just show up somewhere, hand out a few tracts or bibles and see the glory of God fall.  While God could certainly do it that way (He can do things however He desires – […]