8 Parenting Lessons from Captain America

In a culture that values youth above all else, we should help our kids see that, while we are not experts in all things, our life experience has taught us a thing or two – and we are more than glad to share that experience with them.

If the school tried to paddle my kids…

Proper discipline of children is a Gospel issue. If we properly discipline our children, we are sowing the seeds of Scripture into their lives. We are teaching them the eternity-shaping truth that sin has consequences.

Take this Job and Shove It: The Heroic Tale of Adam LaRoche

When Adam was asked to limit Drake’s presence in the team clubhouse, he made a huge decision – a decision that had to speak volumes to his son over how important he is. Adam walked away from baseball.

What’s in a name? Meet Baby Messiah DeShawn McCullough

By all accounts, Jaleesa Martin’s baby boy is a happy child, oblivious to the controversy surrounding him these days. Jaleesa recently found herself at odds with her son’s father.  She sought a court order to establish paternity.  It included a request for the judge to determine the child’s last name. Enter Tennessee Child Support Magistrate […]