Five Inescapable Truths that Missions Teach Us (Part Three)

If you are just chiming in on this series of blog posts, you can read the first blog post and the second blog post in the series here. When it comes to the truth of God’s people in the world, there are two ditches we can fall into.  The first ditch is one of self-pity […]

Philippines Mission Trip Wrap Up: Things Mission Trips Teach Me

My feet have been on American soil for about 48 hours now.  I’ve watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey, snuggled with my kids, and slept a lot.  The fog of jet lag is finally beginning to lift; I can feel my body slowly beginning to return to normal.  But there are things about me […]

The Night the Heavens opened up in Bacao

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening in the barangay of Bacao.  We had the largest turnout of any clinic to date.  We ticket each event.  We plan to see 180 optical patients and 180 medical patients.  When we arrive they are there waiting.  Only, in the Philippines, 360 people = 400 plus!  Emphasis on the […]

The Anatomy of a Short Term Mission Trip (Philippines Mission Report #5)

I want to try to help people better understand what goes into a well-executed short-term mission trip.  Sometimes people think teams just show up somewhere, hand out a few tracts or bibles and see the glory of God fall.  While God could certainly do it that way (He can do things however He desires – […]